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What Does Your Retirement

Look Like?

Retirement is one of the biggest life transitions you'll encounter.  One minute it seems like retirement is so far away and the next minute, it's right around the corner. 

We all dream of retirement, we may even have a rough idea of when we’d like to retire but not everyone effectively pre-plans for it however research has shown that those who start planning at least 5 years ahead of their anticipated retirement date tend to be happier and better prepared retirees. This is not surprising is it? 


The old adage states that "Preparation is the key to success" but how does one effectively prepare for retirement? They work with a financial coach and layout a solid plan!


There are many factors that are woven into the conversations around retirement.  When you take a minute to think about retirement, what is your vision?  What are your retirement goals?  What are your aspirations?  What will your legacy be? 

Often people will primarily focus on just the financial aspects of retirement.  They are trying to figure out how much is enough which is certainly an important step in the planning but it’s only one of many. 

At Humphries Wealth Group, we work alongside our clients to help them to effectively put in place strategies that will enhance their retirement transition as part of their overall comprehensive wealth plan. 


We take a multi-faceted approach.   

  • We work with clients to assess their retirement goals.  These goals have a huge impact on not only your emotional state during retirement but will obviouslly affect what your income needs will be: Travel, legacy, family dynamics.

  • We help them understand how to integrate their pension with their retirement income plan.   Are there tax minimizing strategies available? How long until you need to access funds from your investment savings?

  • We look at investments and how they should be structured in order to ensure that they produce income to supplement the pensions.  

  • We address if there are any GAPs in the plans - income planning, tax strategies, legacy plans - are they all working together effectively?

Value of working wth a professional
  • We work with business owners in order to map out a strategy that allows them to successfully transition out of their business. Not only do business owners want to ensure that their corporate structure is in line with their overall goals, they are also looking to ensure that strategies are in place in order to minimize tax and effectively leave a legacy for their family.

  • We help people determine if they should take CPP early. Government pensions can be tricky.

  • We provide various sessions on health, mental resiliency & lifestyle topics.  We firmly believe that the most effective plan includes attention to all areas of your life. How much will you enjoy your retirement if the other aspects of your life are not where they need to be?

  • We incorporate investment strategies and act as a lighthouse during potentially stressful times.  Market volatility, downsizing homes, life leases, estate planning, assessing your risk tolerance are just a few of the things that clients need advice and coaching on.  We are here to provide insight and cut through the noise in order to provide solutions that are inline with your goals.

We work as Retirement Coaches to ensure that our clients stay on track to reaching their goals which will allow them to live the retirement life they've dreamed of - and that looks different for everybody! Every plan is in a constant state of calibration to ensure that the impact of extraneous factors have minimal effects in reaching the long term goals!


We've created a Youtube Channel of All Things Retirement videos on a wide range of topics.   We encourage you to subscribe to our channel and contact us if you are ready to have a conversation about how our services can help you pre & post retirement!

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