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At Humphries Wealth Group, we are retirement planning experts. It's our niche!  We help countless individuals transition into retirement successfully!   Our dedicated team works with clients to maximize their financial success by applying personalized strategies and financial coaching.  Our approach is team-based and provides wealth planning  far beyond product solutions.  

Our process starts with understanding your unique goals - the issues that keep you awake at night, and mapping out practical strategies that will provide the peace of mind and clarity you are looking for.


The life transition that creates the most conversation and planning is in the area of retirement.


The questions we hear most often are:

  • How much capital do I need? 

  • Will I have enough?

  • When will I run out?

  • What return do I require from financial assets? 

  • How do I integrate my business planning and my personal planning for retirement?

  • Will I be able to leave a legacy and what strategies are available to me?

  • How does my investment strategy need to change to be aligned with my retirement goals?

  • What if one of us gets sick or dies prematurely?


These are very legitimate concerns and our GAP Analysis process allows us to effectively answer these questions using a comprehensive financial modeling software and easy to follow customized video report.  Be sure to explore our Retirement Coaching Services.

Our ongoing client retirement coaching focuses on:

  • PRE- Retirement  - How to accumulate retirement capital.

  • TRANSITION - Retirement -The mechanics of how to transition from the world of work to generating income from retirement accounts.

  • POST - Retirement - Strategies to be successfully retired over the long term as clients deal with the challenges posed by inflation, tax and age.

We believe in the power of education and coaching as new understanding leads to motivation and motivation leads to action!


A powerful process that leads to financial success and peace of mind.

We understand that in a world that is driven by technology, nothing beats personal relationships and timely and personalized service which is why we are continuously building our team. 

We strive to be accessible by phone, email or in person without you having to use an automated service to get you there! Our Team page gives you a glimpse into our roles.  Finances are a very personal thing which is why we ensure that the service you receive is personal, friendly and easily accessible.


>>>When working with the our group you can expect that we will be committed to being accessible and customizing an experience tailored uniquely to you.

Who are our clients?

Our personalized and comprehensive planning approach is ideally suited to individuals and families who don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to attend to these important financial matters. Our clients recognize the value of a coaching relationship.


Our clients want to be involved in the process of goal clarification and identifying the road blocks to their success. However, they value the fact that an expert will provide, accountability, strategy, an implementation process and ongoing reviews. The coaching process that we use is powerful and increases the probability of financial and life success!

In addition to our one on one coaching, we provide workshop experiences for organizations who believe in the power of education and helping their staff negotiate major life transitions and the financial implications of these transitions. Transition categories include; retirement, separation/divorce, death of a partner and helping aging loved ones. If you are looking to help your staff and improve productivity and resilience, be sure to investigate our training programs.


Interested in learning how our services can help you?  Contact us today!

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