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You Are Excited About Retirement But You Worry That Your Current Planning May Not Be On Track

You Need A
Retirement Income Plan

Financial Report

We offer customized Retirement Income Plans crafted to your unique goals and needs 

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Your PLAN will confirm:

  • When you can retire

  • How much income you can generate

  • How to generate and coordinate your income

You have never retired before and you are unsure about coordinating all the details without making mistakes and experiencing regret


There is no need to feel anxious and uncertain.
Getting your customized RETIREMENT INCOME PLAN will make sure you have no regrets.

For over 30 years, our team has been helping Canadian families plan for retirement, transition into retirement, and successfully retire!

Take advantage of over thirty years of Retirement Income Planning Experience!

What Your Customized Plan Will Deliver

  • You will understand how much you can spend without running out of money.
  • Your plan will confirm the required portfolio returns and how to invest to achieve these returns.
  • You will understand the mechanics of coordinating government benefits, employer pensions, and retirement savings to generate your retirement income.
  • Once you confirm your retirement income is achieved you will find out if legacy planning is an option for your family.

How To Get Your Retirement Plan

After your exploratory call, Here Are The Steps To Get Your Plan...


We confirm your retirement goals and concerns. As well, we will gather the required financial information to develop your plan (ZOOM or face to face). All discussions are strictly confidential.



We will prepare first draft projections, review them with you, clarify, address your questions and explore planning opportunities (ZOOM or face to face)



We deliver your Retirement Income Planning Report. Face to face or via ZOOM we will review the report with you, answer your questions and discuss planning opportunities and logical action steps. Your customized RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING report will be sent to you in advance of this meeting so you can prepare your questions.

Is there a cost to get your Retirement Income Plan? No! The following video explains why...

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