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Retirement Coaching

Are you beginning to think more about retirement? If you are, you've come to the right place!


Retirement is one of the biggest transitions you will experience during your lifetime!  What does it look like to you?


Most people navigate this stage in life once but as retirement experts, we've had the privilege of navigating this stage of life with hundreds of families.  We have over thirty years of experience helping clients plan for retirement, transition into retirement and to successfully live out their retirement dreams.  We've been able to address the areas that are most often overlooked and provide strategies that assists individuals, families and business owners plan effectively for their retirement.


Will I have enough Humphries Wealth Group


Our Retirement Coaching Service will help you answer the following questions with confidence:

  • Can I afford to retire?

  • How much investment savings will I need?

  • How do I tax effectively integrate my various sources of retirement income?

  • What's my sustainable after-tax income?

  • What kind of investment returns do I need to achieve?

  • What strategies can be put in place in case of volatile markets?

  • Should I take CPP early?

Having the answers to these questions allows individuals we work with to have clarity and peace of mind as they enter this exciting life phase - Retirement!​


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Complimentary Tools

a. Retirement Planning Checklist – This handy document reviews key areas you need to think about as you begin planning for your retirement. 

b. Retirement Planning Tips – This pdf document covers a number of planning tips to assist you in developing your retirement plan. 

c. Retirement Snapshot – This pdf is a sample of one of the forecasting reports we generate as part of the Retirement Coaching Process. A powerful report that confirms if you have enough for retirement. We use the same snapshot as part of the retirement planning process.

d. All Things Retirement - This is an excellent resource of videos.  Subscribe to our channel and be notified when we update new content. 


How to explore our Retirement Coaching Process


Curious about how you can start the process? Send us an email using the link below confirming that you want to have a phone conversation. We will answer your questions and help you confirm if our retirement coaching process is a fit for you.  Let’s have a conversation.

What you will receive:​

If after an initial introductory call you decide you would like to navigate our retirement coaching process, we have created a 5 step complimentary process that allows you to explore our retirement coaching services and to get the clarity you are looking for. 

STEP 1. We will forward to your attention the pre-meeting discovery tool that outlines the information we require to complete your personalized plan.

STEP 2.  Once we receive your information, we prepare the first computer simulation.  We then make arrangements to set a face to face meeting or video conference to review the simulation together.  In this meeting we confirm if there are any gaps in your planning and highlight the potential strategies that can be used to help you achieve your retirement income planning goals.

STEP 3.  At this stage we prepare your Retirement Income Planning Report.  

This report is sent to you via secured video email link and includes:

  • Detailed computer Models

  • Specific strategies and recommendations

  • Detailed action plan to assist you in the implementation of the recommendation

STEP 4.  Once your customized retirement income plan is complete, it will be forwarded to you in advance of the face to face or video conference meeting.  This meeting will provide you with an opportunity to make a note of any areas that require clarification.

STEP 5.  Our office will contact you to set a face to face meeting or video conference.  At that time we will review the document together, discuss the implementation Action Plan and answer any questions you have on the personalized plan that was created for you. As well, we can confirm how our practice can assist you with the implementation of the recommendations and becoming a client of our practice.

Interested in having a conversation about our process, contact us!

Note: There is no fee for this five step planning process. Choosing a retirement coach is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. We have developed a process that will provide you with clarity and is customized to your unique goals and circumstances. By the end of this process, you will know more about Assante Wealth Management (Canada’s largest non-bank owned Wealth Planning Firm), the services that we provide and the specific implementation steps that we can assist you with.

At the end of this process, if you want to explore how you can become an ongoing client of our Wealth Planning Practice, we would welcome that conversation.


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