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Why Your Portfolio Is Underperforming

There are a lot of people who are very frustrated with the performance of their investment portfolio.

We hear stories from family, neighbours, and co-workers about the invesmtent home runs they have experienced. We turn on the news or listen to reports on social media from Investment Guru's who come across that they have all this investment stuff figured out.

Every day there is an avalanche of financial information hurled in your direction. More often than not, it's overwhelming, and you may be experiencing anxiety about the approach you are taking to your portfolio.

As you strive to sift through all this information, keep the following points in mind:

  • Market prognosticators are usually wrong

  • Your neighbours, co-workers, and family will only discuss their winners and not their losers

  • Most of the headlines in social media are designed to get clicks and not to inform

Because of this frustration, I have put together a video that discusses the main reasons people are experiencing sub-par portfolio performance.

I hope you enjoy the presentation,

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