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<< When life changes money changes and when money changes life changes. We are here to assist our clients as they transition through these changes.>>   

Our services are centered around our desire to help individuals meet and maintain their financial goals.  The needs of high net worth families have changed, and the expectations are higher – as they should be!

Our clients’ success stems from ongoing financial coaching that incorporates strategies and solutions that are continuously reviewed and refined in order to ensure that the planning is always in line with their financial goals.   This ongoing coaching relationship allows us to:

>   Provide Peace of Mind

 Identify Any Gaps In The Current Strategy

>   Provide Competitive Investment Options

>   Maximize Tax Planning Opportunities

>   Deliver Pertinent Information That Cuts Through The Media Noise

We work with a wide range of clients with various degrees of complexity surrounding their planning.  

Which Profile Speaks Most To You?


"I've been an entrepreneur my whole life and have built a business I'm proud of.  Now it's time to start enjoying the fruits of my labor and define my transition plan"


"I have a very busy schedule and so I need to work with a planner in order to ensure that my complete wealth plan is properly look after"

Marg loves building her business but needs advice on corporate structure and tax


"I love my business and it's grown substantially.  I need to ensure that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed as far as corporate structure and tax minimization"

Janet needs financial advice now that she's a widow


"I'm now alone and need to work with someone I can trust.  "

Louise is a professional looking for expert financial advice


"I'm an expert in my own field but when it comes to investments, I would like to work with an expert in finances that understands my long-term goals"


"I want to make sure that Lucy is looked after should something ever happen to me.  I want to ensure that my final tax bill doesn't erode everything we've worked for"

Colin is a busy executive interested in fee based investing


"I am looking for an investment plan that has reduced fees, flexibility and fee transparency"


"I didn't expect to be in this situation.  I need advice on optimizing my severance and someone to help with my pension options"


"I'm 8-10 years away from retirement and want to make sure that I'm on track to financing my retirement goals.  How much will I need? How long will it last?  I need a financial forecast prepared.

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Assante Capital Management Ltd. is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.  The services described may not be applicable or available with respect to all clients.  Services and products may be provided by an Assante advisor or through affiliated or non-affiliated third parties.  Some services and products may not be available through all Assante advisors.  Services may change without notice.  

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