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Feel fabulous as you eat,drink & stay healthy over the Holidays

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year! Great food, some time off and the company of family and friends ....yet statistics show that increasingly people are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and just a little less-than festive! Sound familiar?

In November, we invited Jodi Lee, registered holistic nutritionist & certified gluten practitioner to present at one of our regular lunch & learns. We asked her to provide strategies to be your best-self over the Holidays and heading into 2020.

It may seem peculiar that a financial advisor would host sessions on non-financial related topics but the truth is, when we think about wealth planning , we know that your celebrations, your family life, your hobbies, your passions, your health are not disconnected from your overall financial success.

We host a variety of info sessions and purposely ensure that we include topics related to your overall well-being. It's our belief that this leads to TRUE wealth planning success!

During this session, Jodi unpacked some of the key reasons people may feel a little ho-hum during the holidays and provided some useful techniques and recipes to ensure that your gut, heart and brain all feel as magical as the season should be!

Our clients loved this session - registration filled up in less than 6 hours!

We are happy to have recorded it to be able to share it with you.

Here is the link to the recipes as well!

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