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Our Services

Fee-for-Service Option

($2,500 plus GST Per Family)

We use state-of-the-art financial modelling software so you can see your financial future and understand the impact of your financial decisions before you retire.


Want to know what it would look like if you retired one year earlier than you're planning or how much additional income you could generate if you deferred retirement? No problem. What would it look like if you downsized and freed up some real estate equity? Do you want to know if you can retire now if you include some part-time income?


With our insights and the latest technology, we can see the implications of pretty much anything you think on the spot.


We also have a team of tax and legal experts who can assist us in developing planning recommendations!

Of course, some situations are more complex than others and require a bit more work, but with a bit of back and forth over email and a couple of in-depth planning sessions, you should be well on your way to knowing the following:


  • how much income you'll have in retirement through all phases of retirement

  • when it's ideal for you to start your CPP and OAS benefits

  • when and how much to withdraw from your different types of accounts

  • how to keep your tax bite as painless as possible

  • how much you'll be passing on to your loved ones

​As well we will also stress-test your plan and see how well it holds up against the following:

  • higher inflation

  • a market crash at the worst possible time (right after you retire)

  • lower long-term investment returns than anticipated

  • premature death (and/or living longer than expected)

​The above lists are not exhaustive. The bottom line is that we will map out your scenario, try several ideas, and create a game plan you can understand and implement. 

How The Process Works

  1. Once you purchase a plan, you will be given our fillable PDF Discovery Tool to enter your data and think through your goals and preferences. 

  2. The next step is to schedule our first online planning session. In this session, we will review your data, ensure everything is tight, and start trying strategies and stress-testing. This is usually a very enjoyable meeting because you'll see your situation live and in colour. 

  3. After the first session, we'll review your game plan and work through it to try to incorporate additional improvements and insights. We'll also see if you have any additional questions we should prepare for. 

  4. Once ready, we'll schedule our second and last official session to finalize your game plan, ensure your understanding, and help you navigate the detailed report. 

  5. And then we're essentially done. However, all plans come with three months of post-delivery support, so if any questions or concerns pop up or you need clarification, we're happy to help.

  6. Lastly, if you ever need your plan revisited and revised in the future, you can do so at 50% of the current regular price.

Comprehensive Service, Ongoing Coaching & Asset Management

This option is ideal for those who have built up a solid amount of investable assets and want their financial planning and portfolio management handled appropriately in one unified plan. It is ideal for those who do not want to do this on their own but rather want to have a long-term relationship with an advisory team they trust and enjoy working with. Essentially, you want your own personalized pension plan manager


Many clients come to use this service because they are not confident that their current financial relationships have the expertise for this kind of planning. They are tired of the revolving door of relationships and want to work with a team that can provide continuity in the planning and service relationship.

We use a Fiduciary service and cost model. Under this model, we receive no compensation from the securities we use to manage your portfolio.


This model ensures that you receive:


  • Objective advice with no conflicts of interest

  • Greater Investment Flexibility

  • Competitive Cost 

Our primary function is to be our clients' overall advisor. In addition to all our regular meetings and the ongoing work on our client's behalf (including all the detailed planning listed in the Fee-for-Service Option), we have an open-door policy. Our clients contact us whenever they need/want something, and we facilitate it for them or bring in whoever we need whenever we need it.


We specialize in financial planning, retirement income planning, portfolio design and ongoing portfolio management. When it comes to portfolio design, we do the following:


  • conduct retirement cashflow forecasting to confirm the required return on financial assets

  • assess your psychological/emotional approach to investing and fine-tune strategies to align with these factors

  • once the first two steps are complete, we design a customized asset mix that is aligned with your retirement goals

  • The asset mix design provides direction on specific security recommendations. We are licensed investment advisors, and all trades are done through Assante Capital Management Ltd.

  • When managing portfolios, we favour the use of Discretionary Asset management (hold the stocks and bonds directly in your portfolio, and we manage the portfolio)

Essentially, you receive two dedicated fields of expertise (planning and portfolio management) for the price of one.

We deliver a concierge financial planning service. On top of that, we pay special attention to helping you:

  • see what their future looks like (using financial modelling)

  • make solid investment decisions 

  • reduce taxation 

  • execute sound retirement income strategies

  • clearly understand the things that matter and the things that don't

  • prepare for inevitable economic storms

  • Forecasting income and liquidity needs and sustainable inflation-adjusted income streams

  • helping you plan cashflow tax effectively

  • recommending and coordinating how income is generated

  • look after all administration attached to income generation

  • manage investment assets consistent with the income plan to provide current income and future income security

  • portfolio screening and monitoring that can trigger profit-taking recommendations

  • rebalancing portfolio and security monitoring


Total cost will range from 1.5% to 1% per year (cost includes the provision of financial/retirement planning and investment management services). This percentage decreases based on the amount of assets under management. The larger the investment portfolio, the lower the percentage fee. The account minimum is $300,000 (our minimum wealth planning fee of $3,000/yr)

Our financial planning and advice cost ranges from 1% to 0.5% per year. The ongoing portfolio management fee ranges from 0.75% to 0..22% per year. The total annual cost can range from 1% to 1.5%. A portion of the costs may be tax deductible.

Customized price quotes are provided for families interested in using our Concierge Service.

For some high-net-worth clients, we may recommend more expensive investment options (which are sometimes good strategy options). These investments could include Private Equity and Infrastructure.

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