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Coronavirus and the Markets: What Should You Do?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Most of you knew this would happen again sooner or later, the time when the market experiences a sharp decline. It’s part of the market cycle but it’s never easy to withstand.

The media is firing at all cylinders making sure every Coronavirus case or death is being reported and the press offers photos of stores being picked clean – fueling anxiety.

It’s easy to succumb to the fear of the masses when everywhere you turn, you are confronted with negative news. The challenge is to keep your head when everyone else around you starts going into panic mode.

Expectations about what will happen next needs to be managed. The next few weeks and months will most likely be rocky.

It’s important to ensure you are consuming content that will allow you to see the big picture and how that relates to your personal investment plan.

CI Investments has provided a great piece that speaks to the following:

  • What is happening in the markets?

  • Should I make changes in my investment portfolio?

  • What happens when you miss the “best days” of market equity that typically come after large declines

  • Historically, how have the markets reacted to virus outbreaks?

We encourage you to read this piece and reach out to your financial advisor if you have any questions.

When making financial decisions, it’s important to always refer back to your time frames, your goals and your retirement plan.

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